As Daniel Barnett kindly posted yesterday, the East London Employment Tribunal is currently experiencing major problems with its caseload due to a lack of judicial resources.

Apparently, the East London Employment Tribunal has reached “the full extent of the budget allocation for this financial year and, as a result, there is no remaining judicial resources to hear your case”. This possibly explains the difficulty that Redmans have had in contacting the East London Employment Tribunal and the multiple postponements of hearings over the last 3 or 4 months.

Cases to be heard on or before the 5th April (apparently the end of their financial year) have been affected. Mr Barnett has stated that the Employment Tribunal was unclear as to whether this affected only some or all of the cases to be heard before the 5th and, unhelpfully, the Employment Tribunal representative was unsure. Not really a satisfactory state of affairs.

On the bright side, the Tribunals Service Press Office told Mr Barnett that the position was “under review” and that additional funds may possibly be allocated.

IMPORTANT POINT: if you have a case to be heard before the 5th April 2012, be aware that it may be postponed and re-listed.

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Chris is a specialist employment lawyer at Redmans. He specialises in contentious and non-contentious employment matters, including breach of contract claims, compromise agreements and Employment Tribunal cases. He writes on employment law matters on a variety of websites, including Direct 2 Lawyers,, LegalVoice, the Justice Gap and his own blog. Contact Chris by emailing him at

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