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Redmans’ specialist employment law solicitors can provide expert advice on your redundancy situation, whether it involves individual or collective redundancies. We can help you challenge the fairness of the redundancy procedure or put pressure on your employer to maximise the potentially compensation due to you as a result of your redundancy.

How our employment lawyers deal with redundancy claims

We provide concise and clear advice on compromise agreements to employees and workers.  Our employment solicitors are responsive, sympathetic, practical, and expert in their field. We understand that a potentially redundancy can be an stressful time for employees, particularly if you’re a longstanding employee. Our employment lawyers are there to reassure you and make you aware of your rights and options the whole way through the process, letting you know that you’re on the right track.

What our employment solicitors look for in a redundancy claim

Clients normally have two objectives in a redundancy situation: keeping their jobs and, if that is not possible, to ensure that a fair redundancy procedure is carried out and that they’re adequately compensated for the loss of their job. Our employment lawyers will therefore negotiate with your employer as to your being able to keep your job. If that’s not possible then we will look to ensure that a fair redundancy procedure is carried out, concentrating on whether adequate consultation has been carried out, whether there has been a fair redundancy selection, and whether the employer has offered suitable alternative employment. There may also be issues with TUPE.

If it’s not possible for you to keep your job and redundancy is a certainty then we’ll press for a compromise agreement to be agreed with your employer.

Employment lawyers based in Richmond – legal services for you

We treat everyone we represent equally. That means that you’ll receive exactly the same service as any other client when it comes to your redundancy claim – from CEO’s to cleaners, department heads to receptionists. You will receive the best employment law advice and representation at all times and the highest level of client care we can offer. We believe that we offer an extremely competitive fee structure for our employment law services which means that costs are kept low for you, the client.

Our employment law team is based in Richmond, London.

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