largeThe most recent statistics for Her Majesty’s Courts and Tribunals Service (HMCTS) have been published for the period January to March 2013.

These statistics show that in 2012/13 the caseload of the Employment Tribunal has increased by 13 per cent compared to the same period over 2011/12, with the number of claims accepted increasing by 3 per cent to 191,541.

The number of single claims disposed of fell by 10 per cent whereas the number of disposals for multiple claims increased by 6 per cent. Of the claims that were disposed of, 19% per cent were for unfair dismissal, 17 per cent were for unauthorised deductions from wages and 16 per cent were associated with some form of discrimination (age, race, sex, sexual orientation, religion and disability). The number of claims disposed of by the Employment Tribunal fell by 3 per cent overall as compared to the first quarter of 2012.

Of the cases cleared in the Employment Tribunal:

  • 25 per cent were cleared in 16 weeks or less from the date of issue
  • 50 per cent were cleared in 31 weeks or less
  • 75 per cent were cleared in three years or less; and
  • The average “age” of a case in the Employment Tribunal was 80 weeks (i.e. it took 80 weeks from the receipt of the case to the giving of judgment)

Further, an examination of the different “jurisdictions” (i.e. heads of claim such as unfair dismissal, discrimination or unlawful deduction from wages) revealed that there had been a 74 per cent rise in the number of sex discrimination claims but a 24 per cent decrease in the number of age discrimination claims.

It should further be noted that the introduction of fees in the Employment Tribunal on 29 July 2013 may have a significant impact on the number and nature of claims that are issued in the Employment Tribunal, as the issue fee and the fee for the hearings may deter potential Claimants. However, the impact of fees will only become clear in or after August 2013.

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